About KyMBA LT

Who we are: Passionate, community minded mountain bike enthusiasts who live, work,
and promote recreation in the Lincoln Heritage region
What we do:
• Connect mountain bikers and communities
• Provide opportunities to mountain bike on safe, sustainable trails and riding areas for riders of all ages and experience
• Educate the public about mountain biking
• Promote the positive benefits of trails and events within the region

KyMBA Lincoln Trails is a chapter of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, KyMBA for short.  As a result KyMBA LT is a 501-3c non-profit entity.

Contact us at Board@kymba-lt.org

Active Board Members:

Vince Carman – Chairman – Radcliff, KY
Vice Chairperson (Vacant)
Christine Carman – Secretary and Ad Hoc Treasurer – Radcliff, KY
David Haines – Interscholastic League Development – Elizabethtown, KY
Eric Schweighauser – Membership Coordinator – Brandenburg, KY
David West – Trail Boss – Laconia, IN
Jay Monnot – At Large Member – Vine Grove, KY
Daniel Grinnell – Website – Vine Grove, KY

Founding Board, Oct 2015

(Left to Right) Mike Borger, Christine Carman, Vince Carman, Eric Schweighauser, Teddy Llasos, Barbara West




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