Scout Projects

Scout Projects

Just want to say thank you to all of the Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts that have invested their time in volunteering and organizing trail construction/repair. Your work has helped boost the community by providing a place for families to gather and appreciate the environment that we have here in Kentucky.

The 19th Engineer (Battalion), in support of the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout project, built a 25 foot bridge,” Bambini said. “The (engineers) positioned two heavy poles and the (Boy) Scouts came in with bridge material.Article

A recycling program was established after a Girl Scouts troop was given a tour.
Two of the girls asked if the preserve had a recycling program. Since there wasn’t one established they made a presentation to city and were able to establish a program.Article

There are more Eagle Scout/Girl Scout project opportunities, ranging from Trail construction, Benches on the side of the trails, pavilions, sign installation, etc….. We have opportunities in Grayson, Hardin, Meade, and other counties. If you are looking to help make an impact in Kentucky with your project, please feel free to reach out. Email Us

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